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The Idea That Drives Us as Business Consultants

A new way of achieving growth and securing robust and profitable business, while safeguarding a viable future.

An idea thet drives every great business is driven by an idea. Something grand, earth shattering and so impossible to let go of, that it must be pursued. Ours is that the world must master business, environmental and social challenges to secure sustainable growth, instead of focusing on short-term financial interest at the cost of future generations. There is a lack of equilibrium – we must rebalance. We need a new model. An approach not solely based on measuring temporary shareholder returns, but on something deeper, more meaningful and more substantial. Why? Because we believe that progress and innovation should – and can – create lasting change. We are convinced that, in taking responsibility for the most profound challenges of our time, we have a unique opportunity to rethink the system. A new way of achieving growth and securing robust and profitable business, while safeguarding a viable future.

Our Philoshopy

Garuda is a mythological creature in ancient Hindu manuscript. Its story is well known, especially among Balinese people. In the legend, Garuda is the son of Dewi Winata, one of the wives of Baghawan Kashyapa. The younger brother of Aruna hatched from egg given by Bhagawan Kashyapa to Dewi Winata.


However, at the time of his birth, Dewi Winata did not accompany the process since she was held captivated by Dewi Kadru. When Garuda was born, he questioned his mother’s whereabout. Driven by his curiosity, Garuda flew to the sky, then he met Lord Indra. After hearing the story from the God of war, he realized that his mother, Dewi Winata was locked up and enslaved by Dewi Kadru, the other wife of Bhagawan Kashyapa.


Apparently, the reason was because Dewi Kadru tricked Dewi Winata when they were betting, and made his mother lost her freedom. The consequence forced Dewi Winata became a servant of 1,000 snakes, sons of Dewi Kadru. To free his mother from that place, Garuda made a pact with Lord Vishnu. By Lord Vishnu’s advice, Garuda eventually can release his mother, after deceiving a thousand snakes to minimize their size. As a form of gratitude, Garuda becomes the vehicle of Lord Vishnu (Garuda Wisnu Kencana).


This story inspired the establishment of AZF as a global business solution vehicle to serve and support all its clients’ business requirements and operations.

Our Values

What We Stand For

We are committed to three fundamental values: entrepreneurship, excellence and empathy. They constitute the foundation of our professional work as consultants, our interaction with our clients, business partners and communities, and define our entire corporate culture..


We understand entrepreneurial challenges, and know what makes successful entrepreneurs. This means actively exploring unconventional ideas, taking risks and blazing new trails, but also willingness to assume responsibility. We encourage our employees to take responsibility for business decisions early on in their career. All of us are eager to find innovative and sustainable solutions to help our clients be "game-changers" in their environment.


We achieve excellent results and develop global best practices to ensure both measurable and sustainable success. Our goal is excellence in our work with clients, in the way we develop our knowledge and in our interaction with each other – externally and internally. To do so, we challenge ourselves time and again. We appreciate brilliant minds that create sound analyses and fact-based approaches. Investing in our employees' development is essential to ensure outstanding results for our clients and build long-lasting relationships with them. We value open discussion and debate in decision-making until the best possible outcome has been achieved.


We place ourselves in your position to be able to act as insightful, respectful and responsible advisors. AZF employees offer a unique combination of intellectual and emotional competence to meet our clients' aims and needs. We act as partners alongside our clients and focus on understanding the real problem, offering peer-to-peer advice and tailored approaches. Our firm is committed to tolerance and respect. We value diversity as a strength within our own company and know how to thrive on

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